CFA ID Policy - Help

Ok so i went to the CFA website to print out my ticket and noticed my passport number and expiry date does not match my passport number and expiry date on my actual passport. so i am freaking the eff out!! there is no way in the world i am waiting a year to take this exam again. I think it is because i lost my passport over a year ago and i was issued a new one. Also does any one rememeber providing CFAinstitute with your passport details? because certainly do not? do they obtain this from an external source?

I got the identification information change request for and filled it out and scanned my passport and sent it to them straight away requestiing them to update the information on the form it says form change request must be submitted three weeks prior to the exam (its 6 days till the exam btw) and im feeling really worried and this is adding to my stress.

I have been trying to call them all day but their offices are closed, i think its kind of inconvinient that they close because of memorial day considering 5 days later they are conducting one of the biggest exams world wide. has anyone had this issue? and do you think they will be able to update my information on my ticket before the exam? im super stressed about this…

they changed it for me in a few days but this was like a month ago. The number of requests probably increase as it gets closer to exam day.

I think the reason they say 3 weeks is to put the fear of god (or CFAI) into people so they check early.

I’d just chill out if I were you. Call them up on Monday and I’m sure they might give you a bit of a lecture but will change it before exam day.

They are closed monday for memorial day!


their website says this for calling them

24 Hour support provided Sunday, 8:00 p.m. ET through Friday, 7:00 p.m. ET, except public holidays.

so Monday is a public holiday but does this mean they are still open 8pm ET till mid night on sunday?

their website says this for calling them

24 Hour support provided Sunday, 8:00 p.m. ET through Friday, 7:00 p.m. ET, except public holidays.

so Monday is a public holiday but does this mean they are still open 8pm ET till mid night on sunday?

oh, well call them tuesday. Like I said they were most likely just trying to scare people to make them check early.

The null hypothisis is that they are going to tell you that you can’t write the exam because you caught the passport error inside 3 weeks.

The calculated T Stat is 17, do you really even need to go to the table to figure out with we can regect the null?

LOL really hope df is 200+

This happened to me last week. I about had a meltdown. I went to my office in the middle of the night to scan and send in my information. They had it fixed for me within 12 hours. I would definitely call them though. Or call them non-stop until they fix it.

Thats what i have been doing, calling the number on the website even though i know I am going to get the same voice recording saying our offices are closed…i still keep trying and trying…shows how stressed i am about this…but thanks stunnerrunner that does make me feel a little better that you submitted it after deadline and they changed it really quickly

I found out late last nite (3am) and was super stressed and some how went to sleep and had a dream I only found out the day before the exam and got to the exam and got turned away…no joke i really did have that dream…more like a nightmare


call them up when they open on Tuesday, i did the similar change and they confirmed about the change in 2 days; it should not be a problem

Good that you already sent the email; i don’t think that only due to the processing time, they would hold someone from writing it.

Hopefully everyone else is reading this… CHECK YOUR TICKET! :slight_smile: Agulani don’t stress about it. It will be fixed. If they don’t fix it, raise HOLY HELL with them. I lost a nights sleep and a day and a half of studying over it. Just have a beer and just relax. I definitely should have done that.

I have no sympathy for people that ignore the mass amount of reminders that CFAI sends to candidates to check their tickets as far in advance as possible. I get spammed by CFAI so much and I read every email, and most are repetitive. So if you want to ignore all their reminders, I have no sympathy!

Nevertheless, you still ought to be able to get this resolved in time, I’m afraid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, CFAI does not get their info from outside sources. You provided them with the info.

Seriously people, you were given over a month’s notice, reminders to check your ticket, and a freaking personalized video recording of John Rogers CEO of CFAI saying your passport MUST MATCH EXACTLY.

If you leave it to the last few days, you’ve only got yourself to blame if it blows up

OP - If waiting an additional year is so bad for you, then how can you be so carelessly unfamiliar with CFAI policies? I’d say, based on your actions, waiting an additional year is meaningless to you.


is it true that level 2 has vignette style questions?

how can i store a value on my calculator?

are concept checkers in schweser representative of the level of difficulty of the exam?

these are all actual questions i’ve seen on AF in the past couple of weeks. who are these people??

well considering I have so many other things to worry about like a job and trying to figure out how to calculate the return on a swaption checking my passport number didnt cross my mind. i would have thought a week before the exam would have been plenty of time.

Yes i should have checked the ticket earlier but I was under the impression that all i need is my passport and the ticket and it should be good. last year it was so simple all i did was print out the ticket a boom it was all good. this year they want a passport number. what happens next year? DNA sample maybe? blood type?

whatever it is hopefully it works out, i know they are probably getting high levels of volumn for such requests

Clark - waiting another year is not something i want to do, just because i didn’t check the ticket means it doesn’t matter to me? they changed their policy of course some people will have discrepancies in the information, do you really think i would start a thread on AF if it didn’t mean anything to me? id probably give up right now and stop studying if that were the case. I don’t need or want your sympathy. but good luck on exam day

did you get in touch with them? hope they changed it for you