CFA II - Trying To Remember the Material

Anyone else feel like they’ve already forgotten all of the CFA2 material?

+1 … i think it was too much beer since the exam and enjoying life again.

I passed and would probably score a 40% on a mock if I tried on now

Yes! Tried to remember a few things, but wasn’t very successful. It’s a shame…

Not even going to try to recall level 2…lol. On a more serious note though, I saw a video from NYSSA where they said that level 2’s curriculum and pretty much everything else, is uncorrelated with level 3. So you really dont need anything from level 2 :slight_smile:

As a retaker, I’ve had about 2 years of review this so EQ, FRA, Quant, Dervi are stuck in my memory for now…but I don’t know for how much longer

have to do a lot of recollecting … :frowning:

Had a colleague ask a few portfolio theory questions and I couldnt answer them (fairly basic). He probably thought I was lying when I said I passed level ii.