CFA in Ghana

Is there a CFA course provider in Ghana? If yes where? Regards

I’d imagine that course providers (schweser, stalla, etc) will ship materials there. Not sure about in-class instruction though. What are you after exactly?

I’ll bet big that there are no in-class providers of CFA instruction in Ghana. There is a Ghana stock exchange though. I notice that if you go to the site just below the ‘Get Zwinky’ banner they have top local news and the most current is from 2005.

Perhaps you can use on-line classes or the pre-recorded video that some US course providers offer?

LLMCFA: How about forming a serious and dedicated study group and purchasing videos from schweser and/or stalla and posting your questions on AF? Unfortunately, most lecturers in Africa are taken up by universities and major accounting and marketing professional courses like ACCA, CIM, CIMA… And if there are lecturers, I bet they are not so good. I took classes in level one and the lectureres were level 3 students! If you really insist on classes, you can attend the schweser windsor… (check out their website for details) revision something that takes place sometime before the exam Furthermore, CFAI claims that CFA is a selfstudy course so I think you can do it without going for classes, others have!

Ghana has been on my top list where I want to visit. I hear lot of nice stories there. Good luck ! I am trying to speak some of your language but it is so difficult. A friend of mine went to St. Paul’s (boarding school) there and told me lot of interesting story. I also recommend to use one of online study course. There are many other countries that do not have live classes.