CFA in Strategy Consulting

Anybody with the charter currently in strategy consulting (McKinsey, Bain, BCG, LEK, Monitor, Strategy&, etc.)? I’m a new passer of level III looking for insights in how you have leveraged / framed the benefits of the charter in your career.

Also interested to hear people’s thoughts / experiences on this.

Everything I have read implies that people don’t care about CFA in management consulting, I’d imagine it would be at least somewhat applicable if you specialized in financial services.

Hopefully some people with MC experience can chime in

Applicable if you cater to the financial services sector. But overall pretty useless. My buddy is a MC, he works with insurance and asset managers.

So anyone with MC experience themselves able to comment?

Very very few active in my MBB experience (which included finance/PE stints) but that was a while ago … amongst alumni also quite rare and as stated before usually for people who moved on to AM / banking. Skill set is not really congruent with CFA. I do think you could, however, spin it as something that shows your perseverance and excellence to make your CV and story stand out.