CFA + Information Technology sector

Hi All,

Hope Im in right forum. Guied otherwise.

I have 7+ years experience in Information Technology sector. Working as test engineer in India.

Interested in finance & plan to switch domain from software testing to some techno functional and cross functional profiles but in same industry & company.

Can CFA help ? I am looking for job involving finance in IT , like pre-sales or requirement analysis where knowledge of corporate finance would help.

Would CFA aid me ? If not, what more can I explore in finance?

Indian IT guy looking to do CFA to become a BSD? Definitely in the right place.

Simple answer is no.

He couldn’t find a better site.

Quick answer: No

Short answer: No

Long answer: No.

CFA will help you understand markets and instruments, that knowledge will definitely be helpful if you will work in financial sector. Otherwise it is useless

I understand that feeling. When I was at the Technical University, I got sick for three weeks. After my return, I was struggling to get the old pace. I had to hire a coacher. After a few lessons, I felt that I’m back. Watching various videos about that language could be beneficial for you. IT and being a programmer are two different things. If you’re thinking about IT, check . I hope I was able to help you.