cfa institute + cfa society memberships

hi guys,

I am a bit confused.

I want to use the cfa designation and use the jobline service. do I need to also apply to the cfa local society in my country?

if not, what do you get with a membership at the cfa society? just the right to participate to local events? Im working in commodities and possibly looking to leave my current country so I wonder if the cfa society membership would worth it for me.


When you apply for CFA Institute membership through the CFAI website, you have to choose a local society to apply through. Effectively you’re applying for both. Once the Institute has approved your work experience they send it to the local society you selected and “Decision Days” are set to 30. If you choose to pay dues and join the local society your membership application is typically expedited. If you decide not to join the local society, you must wait for your Decision Days to expire after which the Institute will send you an activation email. Hope that helps.