CFA Institute Charter Recognition Campaign

Thu, February 25, 2010 10:14:01 AM In 2009, you were one of 5,742 investment professionals from 90 countries to earn the CFA charter. To recognize your outstanding accomplishment, CFA Institute is running a charterholder recognition advertising campaign that includes global print and online advertisements and an interactive website ( that lists the names of new charterholders. The website includes a search function for finding charterholders by name, society, city, and country. To share the news of your accomplishment with friends and colleagues, visitors can link the charterholder recognition website to six social media networking sites. The website includes an interactive map that shows how many charters have been awarded by country around the globe for the past 20 years. A poster featuring the names of all 5,742 new charterholders can be viewed on the website or downloaded for professional printing and framing. A smaller PDF is also available online that has been formatted to print on most standard printers. This smaller format includes your name and the names of about 100 of your colleagues from around the globe. Look for the charterholder recognition print and online advertisements the week of 1 March in the following publications: · The Economist · The Wall Street Journal · Financial Times · The Globe and Mail · · · Congratulations on your notable achievement and on joining the prestigious global community of CFA charterholders. Kind regards, CFA Institute

I still wish that the actual names were published in the paper.

I thought this website was pretty cool that was in that email:

That is a great website. Makes me proud to see my name in lights!

Anyone know if they’re publishing the whole list in the WSJ?

McLeod81 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Anyone know if they’re publishing the whole list > in the WSJ? I think this year’s advertising campaign is instead of, as opposed to in addition to, running our names in the paper.

I think Bankin is right.

Anyone know when this will appear in the wall street journal? There was a congratulations in the recent issue of the economist; however, no names were listed.

this morning there was a ‘quarter page’ with the congratulations in the Wall Street Journal but again no names… weak. Doubt that any names will be printed in any of the mentioned publications.

Names have been replaced by the website. It started in 2009 (for 2008 test passers).