CFA Institute dues , marketing of analyst prive information

Dues keep going up. Officer salaries keep rising, exotic conferences in far away locations continue, What are we getting for our money?

Should these people receive so much money for a system that is basically on autopilot? Seems crazy. I’m old school where people worked for AIMR for very little.

Of all of the professional designations out there the CFA is hardly known. CFP is more marketable, unreal. I should have taken the easy route LOL

this belongs in the feedback forum

it’s a fair point. the industry that the charter services (buy side) is going through this kind of thing itself with downward fee pressure and splashing the cash on big fancy conferences are a thing of the past.

What you’re seeing are the effect of subsidies. Because the vast majority of charter holders get their dues paid by their employers, the CFAI is riding along overcharging. If for some reason employers universally stopped paying dues tomorrow there would be a ton of changes.