CFA Institute email response

Hi all,

I have enrolled CFA L1 for May 2021.

I have one question about my receipt (if they can put my employer name on the receipt as my firm will refund me for fee). Anyhow, I contacted CFA Institute via Customer Service Inquiry and twice via emial at This was 6 days ago and I still did not receive any response.

Is this normal and what is typical waiting time for their response?

Thank you!

just to be sure, did you check your spam folder in your email? sometimes email services will send legit emails to the junk/spam folder.

Yes, I checked spam and also nothing.

I mean I would understand if it was 2-3 days, but tomorrow it will be 7 days since my first email and 5 days since my second.

Did anyone had similar experience?

seems like the support team at CFAI are receiving more emails than usual. you may have to just wait a little more to get a response.

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Guess so. Thank you for your reply.