CFA Institute membership versus CFA Society membership?

Are these two the same thing? I was looking into joining the CFA Society in my city. I tried to find the requirements and fees on the CFA website. Most links and searches lead me to the CFA Institute membership. Are these the same thing? If so, have you guys found it worthwhile to pay for your own membership? Thanks in advance.

pass the three exams first and then start thinking about this

Is it that bad to start networking early?

If you have the disposable income, no harm in joining a local society. They run some decent programs, at least NYSSA does, and you’ll have a fair share of networking activities. I think you need to either be a student or a candidate to join though.

you may need a local sponsor(s).

Why not name the society and see if anyone here is a member ?

quick question. Is it worth it to join as a candidate? I was planning on it after (hopefully) passing Level I, because as I understand it, you need to be a Level II candidate in order to do so. I would think the networking possibilities would make it worth it. Just looking to hear some opinions.

I say it all depends on your opportunity cost. If the money isn’t a big issue, it can’t hurt to be networking with other successful and ambitious people looking to work in similar fields.

Local societies would be best for networking. Also, it depends if you plan on acting on it. If you join, make it worth your while by attending events, getting involved in organisation, etc. If you don’t plan on doing those then there’s not much point in joining.

A lot of people that go to CFA events are looking a job as well. So, keep that in mind.


I sometimes go for the free booze.

Thanks for the insight guys. That would pretty much be my main goal there, looking for work, so I guess I’d just be another fish in the pond. Although some of the speakers they feature are very interesting. I guess I will see when the time comes.

usj - that sounds pretty good to me, haha