CFA institute membership

Hi, Are any L1 candidates members of the CFA institute. i was checking their web site and it seems virtually impossible to become a member till you pass all 3 Levels. I am in the NY area and the requirements to join NYSSA seem equally stringent. I would like to join either the CFA institute or NYSSA to access the career related resources. Can anyone shed some light on if there’s a way to become a member before passing L1. My current job profile does not meet the qualifying work experience criteria. Thanks.

I think anyone can become an Affiliate member. Regular membership requires the proper WE. You can call the society to confirm.

Taz, I am having the same problems. I live in ny area also. Email me at and probably we could go further together.

Anish, Apologize for the late response. I will get in touch with u . Thanks.

Even I would like to venture-in to see what the membership has to offer. I am taking the CFA-L1 in Dec-07 and stay close to NYC. My work experience is not counted either. Please keep me in the loop Anish/Taz, my email address is - Dinesh S

hey Tazz, you got my email written down.These threads move down quick. Dinesh, good luck for the exam. U’ll be posted.

DarienHacker is right. It’s all about work experience. I’ve only passed L2, but have been accepted as regular member to both CFAI and NYSSA.

I emailed both Anish and Dinesh.