CFA Institute Membership

Hi, How do I apply for membership at the CFA institute (if applicable). I am doing my MS.Accounting, graduating in Dec. I received CFA scholarship from the local CFA society for the first two levels (passed them both). I was goint through my society’s homepage and I believe I will have to apply for an affiliate membership. Please correct me if I am wrong. Could someone guide me thru the application process? Thanks Also, what are the benefits of the membership at the society, besides networking of course?

And forgot to add. I don’t have any work experience, besides couple internships.

id use the thing to go to member events in your city. you graduate in dec – have a job lined up???


then do it!!! you have level 2 under your belt, that is hot. leverage your M degree and get out there in the field knocking on doors.

I just checked the institute website…they say even for the affialiate membership…u need 1 year of work-ex…guess i gotta wait then…

oh, yeah u do. my bad. well, time for you to hit your alumni network and linked in.

Hi mate, Whats the criteria to get the scholarship for CFA? Many thanks Sumo

My school’s supposed to be like one of the CFA institute partner or sumting…so we get hookups for scholarships…so its like…i ask my prof. so the scholarship form…she forwards it to the local cfa society…thats pretty much it… criteria…well…they ask ur details…why cfa…etc etc…i think one essay as to why ur interested in cfa or sumting…general BS…hope that helps…lemme know if u need sum more info…

Sparty, Thanks for the info Nothing much I can do about getting such scholarship. Will have to start for this marathon soon. Cheers Sumo