CFA Institute Mock Morning Results

Just finished it - here are my results: Area:Correct/Total=% Ethics:15/18=83.33% Quantitative Methods:13/14=92.86% Economics:10/12=83.33% Financial Reporting:16/24=66.67% Corporate Finance:8/10=80.00% Equity:8/12=66.67% Derivatives:4/6=66.67% Fixed Income:12/12=100.00% Alternative Investments:3/6=50.00% Portfolio Management:3/6=50.00% Overall:92/120=76.67% I finished in 2 hours and 34 minutes and didn’t check over my work. I’m so close to test day I don’t want to get burned out. Was very surprised in Alt Investments and Portfolio Management - on Schweser exams I typically get 80% to 100% on those two. Going to be brushing up mostly on Financial Reporting tonight and tomorrow. I don’t know if these scores would be passing on the official exam since I’m all over the map but I think I can bring up my weak areas a bit before Saturday morning.

94/120. Got 76 out of the first 90 questions right and then got crushed on the derivatives questions and got 9 out of the 24 fixed income questions wrong. I have taken all 3 Schweser volume 1 tests and the CFA mock and have scored between 76 and 82 on all of them so I guess Im in ok shape. Its just strange because when im grading the tests I seem to get 20 or so in a row correct and then get slammed on 5 straight questions

I did that on Schweser Volume 2 Exam 1 Morning. I kept checking to make sure I was looking at the right question numbers. Which I unfortunately was.

I just gave the Ethics section CFA Mock AM part and got 16/18 correct? As I think I didn’t study Ethics so much well and even in Schweser Qbank I was getting around 75% till now and was expecting below that in CFA exam because I have read some where on this forum that CFA Ethics section is more tuff than Schweser Qbank. Should I feel now that CFA Mock Ethics was really simple or I have good practice of that now??

My scores are about the same as yours. Scored 75% overall. I have an accounting background - so FSA is a joke - but derivatives, fixed income and alt investments destroyed me… which was surprising as I’d been doing quite well, consistently, on the schweser equivalents. I hope we’re both where we need to be. :stuck_out_tongue:

without FSA and Alternative part I am getting 79/91 correct in CFA AM Mock exam. Need to revise FSA once very thoroughly in next 2 days because I got only 10/24 correct in CFA PM Mock so on Saturday evening I will check again my FSA part on Mock exam and see how much improvement I can do in these 2 days.

SMicucci could you help me for FSA part because in CFA Mock PM I got only 10/24 correct. I was under stand the impression that I have read all financial statements very well and even in QBank I was getting consistently more than 75%. But now I guess in next 2 days I have to go through FSA thoroughly so could you please suggest me how to approach in such time limit and efficiently.

I’m available to help you as I can NeerajDBA. What can I help you with?