CFA Institute online mock exams


I am interested how many times can I use CFA mock exam?

I am sking this question because After doing AM and PM mock exams, I clicked on them again it showed me a new test.

Also was curious about that. I tried looking up how many different versions of the topic specific practice tests there were and there wasn’t much info about that

I called in they have a total of 1200 questions available in the CFA portal so everytime you book a reassessment or mock you will get a mixture of these questions. I am finding some of the retakes with about 50% of the questions already seen, but if you rework enough times you get really good exposure to the actual exam.

Has me thinking why did I even buy the schwesar practice test 2c book for an extra 3 exams…im spending a lot of time in the portal.

Agreed, I think those questions are extremely useful. Seem to be exactly the style of the mocks and I scored similarly on the topic areas to what I scored on them in the mocks.

Does the CFAI mocks have an assessment tool (ie, show your scores on different topics) like Schweser does? I do not see it. Also, I can’t access my old mock exam now? Please help me find it to review :slight_smile:

you have to copy and paste your exam result into word once you take it you can no longer view it when you close out