CFA Institute Questions vs. Kaplan Schweser Questions

Has anyone experienced an easier time with the CFAI questions compared to any of the prep packages? I am using Kaplan Schweser and although I find it easier to study the material using the Kaplan books compared to the CFAI books, I am finding the CFAI questions easier compared to the Kaplan questions. Is this done on purpose by Kaplan?

I was having a hard time with the Kaplan questions so I decided to give the CFAI questions a try and I am much more confident answering the CFAI questions compared to the Kaplan questions. Let me know what you guys have experienced.

I kicked Kaplan content to the curb in favor of the CFAI books after reading the QM in Level 1. I did, however, use the Kaplan Q-bank and 3 practice exams in addition to the CFAI mocks/EOC/topic tests for L1.

I can share your sentiment regarding the mock exams. I noticed that the Kaplan mocks were vague or poorly worded in comparison to the CFAI mock exams. When I compared the two, it was night and day the way many questions and answers were presented.

In my experience, compared to CFA Institute’s questions, prep providers’ questions tend to be:

  • Overly wordy
  • Ambiguous
  • Calculation-intensive
  • Convoluted

CFA Institute’s questions tend to be short, clear, and to-the point, and there tend to be more theoretical questions, and fewer computational questions.