CFA Institute Self-Test - Your Score

Have you taken the CFA Institute Self-Test? If yes, mind sharing your score? And is taking this self-test really important/critical? How close are the questions to the real test?

Are you referring to the sample exam, or the ethics self test? I scored a 54 on the sample exam, but I haven’t done the ethics test yet. I plan on doing that in the week before the exam.

82% on ethics test yours?

where on earth is the ethics test ? can someone guide me…

71 on sample exam, 75 on mock exam, ~80 on ethics Personally, I found the mock exam much more of a wake-up call, even though I did better compared to the sample exam. It really shows you what you suck at, at this stage of the game.

Ethics test - 90% Taking the sample exam tonight or tomorrow and the mock this weekend.

80% on ethics

88% on ethics self-test While it was good practice I think these were far easier than what we’ll see on June 6th and not really representative of the question formats for the most part. From my conversations and other samples the actual questions will invoke the standards themselves far more often than this did (which was never). e.g. So and so violated Standard I and Standard IV, IV but not I etc. A lot of these were also poorly written it seemed.

where are the ethics self-test?

Here’s the ethics self test…I got 92% on this. I didn’t get to finish the sample exam, will do the other two samples this week and the mock.

Scored a 66 on the sample exam… seriously thinking of purchasing an additional sample exam… planning to do the ethics self test some time next week…

finished my sample test with 55% and feeling down and lost… <45 in ethics, equities, derivatives, AI any suggestions on how to best use the 2 weeks left…

97 on Ethics(got lucky on a few), 72 on CFAI Sample 1

Just got 66% in the morning of the mock exam. Pretty annoyed, made stupid mistakes. Ah well only 4% to go!

Anyone notice that question 13 of the ethics self-test said: her clients “will obtain a significant return on principle” by following her advice The principle of a significant return on principal seems principally flawed.

I got that one and i said that she was misrepresenting her abilities.

98% 48/49 on the Ethics Self-Test. The only one I missed was about a company paying for an analysts travel and meals and such. Still don’t know the answer to that one.

43/49 88%

I missed that too! I got 80%. I’d like more information on the ones I missed. Would it be unethical if you saved the HTML page from your results so we could see them, Billy22? PS: Did anyone like: “Which of the following actions is LEAST LIKELY to be a violation of the Code and Standards: Posting derogatory comments regarding the CFA Program on a website for CFA candidates. 1 out of 1”?

Guys, I haven’t taken mine yet, would like to know more. Is the CFAI self test in PDF format? What about the CFAI Mock Exam? Is that in PDF? Or are neither one of them in PDF format? Thanks in advance.