CFA institute website

Is any one else having trouble accessing the practice tests on CFA website? I am getting an error message.

The same issue is reported by other candidates too, it is so disappointing!

Same issue here. Hopefully the site will be fixed soon.

Same. I imagine it’s only going to get worse as the exam date approaches (more traffic). CFAI has done everything in their power to make studying for the exam as hard as possible- clunky ebook with an extra charge for hard copy, mock exams only online with inaccessible website, mock exams that are supposed to prepare you for the real exam but only online, inability to review mock exams at a later date.

but hey, ethics ethics ethics. We must all preach and abide by ethics.

^ Ask them to postpone the exam by 1 week to make it up.

I’m glad i printed both mock exams and answer sheets in PDF last month… I’d be upset as well…

Mock exams and practice assessments are available on CFAI’s website again.

that only works if you go straight to the top. John Rogers CFA

great news! Now I can do the mock I planned at 7pm on a Saturday night frown

sad thing is… some people will probably try

Doesnt an Indian here have a bunch of American CEOs in his linkedin accts? Ask him to introduce you to Rogers.

^ Pakistani…lol

The CFA website is down again. I had a feeling this might happen

Yes it is! may be the website is not able to handle the traffic.