CFA Institute's Sample Exam

Should we pay $50 for the CFA Institute’s Sample Exam? Isn’t it a part of enroll/registration fee? If yes, then is it worth spending $50 on this? How is this when compared to the practice exams/qbank from Schweser?

I would take as many of them as possible. There are 5. After sitting for the December exam, I can say they were probably the best bang for the buck, IMO.

I am correct in saying that those exams are only available several weeks before the test date?

Yes. They will become available closer to the test date. I bought all five for the December exam for $250. Take them in the last month coming up to the exam so you will remember them. I definitely saw a couple questions from those tests on the Level 1 exam almost verbatim. They are exactly like the questions you will see on the exam. Schweser qbank and practice exams are more calculation based than the real thing.

RE: 5 CFA Exams Once you take the exams, are they available for review where you can go over them again?

No. You get immediate responses after you answer each question. They tell you what the correct answer is as well as a short explanation as to why. Once the exam is over you can view your results for each category (Ethics, Quant, Econ, etc) and what your total percentage correct was. You cannot review specific questions.

So once you take the exam and exit out, you CANNOT go back and look over the answers and results? That stinks… I guess if you’re struggling with those exams (with 2 weeks lefts), you’re SOL anyways… =) Thank you prosetti.

You can go back and look at your results later, just not specific questions. Only the percentage correct per category and overall. I actually created an excel spreadsheet to monitor my progress in each category each week when I took the sample exams. Helped to focus my areas of study in the last weeks.

Great idea! Thanks again! Isn’t it amazing that Excel can be used for almost ANYTHING?!?!?

Also…what I did while taking the sample exams was quickly wrote down all of the topics being tested. I later typed them all up into one document and reviewed all of those topics in the last few days. I couldn’t go back to specific questions but at least I was able to review all of the topics.

I did something similar to prosetti. I printed off the answers which also had the LOS that the question came from and kept track of how I did. I studied the sections I was deficient in pretty heavily the week before the test. Seemed to help. We’ll find out in 8 days. :slight_smile:

Budfox427: So, did your resolution involve printing off 240 pages of answers after each question? Or did you copy and paste into Word and then print?

The online CFA sample exams are only 60 questions per exam. 300 total questions available.

Geez, $0.83/question–that’s pretty steep! =)

they’re worth it, they are worded much differently than study provider’s exams and give a much better understanding of where you stand… there’s also 1-2 questions per exam that are similar to ones on the actual. if you can only afford a couple wait and a thread will pop up on the hardest online exams, do those.

If you can afford (or even expense) it, use them all. Think of it as insurance against another L1 registration fee. Screen shots are an option (particularly with your incorrect answers)

Thanks everyone for your responses!

Where is this mythical “free” sample exam that’s supposed to be included with the registration fees?

where can we find Sample exams from… please email me the site… at And how much they charge?

just go to…read above for costs…