CFA is no more a Post Graduate Program ! What else now!

Recent announcement popped up in my Linked in. Now undergrad ‘senior’ may apply for CFA Level I.

What else in store … open book exams may be . Things are moving faster than the spread of Pandemic itself.

I saw this post on LinkedIn but Idk it suddenly disappeared from my feedback and when I checked the CFAI page, I couldn’t find it!

I remember when I first registered in the CFA program, they allowed fourth year uni students to apply, didn’t they! And I remember the condition was that by the time you reach level 3 you have to have the degree done, or something similar. So when I saw the post, I wasn’t sure what exactly changed.

If you are in the final year of your undergraduate degree, you can sit for the Level 1 exam.

You have to complete your degree before you can sit for the Level 2 exam.

P/S Nice to see you have changed your status to a charterholder :+1:

Thank you, I am glad too :slight_smile: But as far as I know, this has been always the case, that uni students were allowed to sit for L1! Wasn’t it.

Yeap, that has always been the case.

So what is the difference, like what is the new thing that CFAI introduced and announced recently

One could take the exam in one’s final year of Grad. One could enter the program even without Graduation degree provided 4 years of work experience is there post secondary. This was always the case. However, that being said, the recent post should be irrelevant. It goes on to say ‘senior’ undergrad. Not sure what it means.

I hadn’t realised that previously it was being final year grad and not undergrad! They also used the term of “rising senior” in their Linkedin post. But I can’t find the post anymore.

The post is still there. Yeah, not sure why they have to use the word “Now”, not like it is a new thing. Unless “rising senior” means you can sit for the Level 1 exam even before your final year.

And, they have always stated final year undergraduate/bachelor degree on the website.

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Idk why i couldn’t find it, maybe I was looking in the wrong place lol. … English isn’t my first language so I actually researched what ‘rising senior’ meant because I’ve never heard this term before… and it means what it implies, that someone who is yet to become a senior, like soon “it is their next applicable designation”. I do remember that they allowed final year undergrads and people with experience to apply, it has been always the case.

Maybe they wanted to increase demand for students, by actually announcing it and encouraging them

It gave me that impression too as senior year usually means the fourth year of their undergraduate degree (i.e. the final year).

Here’s the link to the post:

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Maybe Bill can shed some light. This is getting interesting by the turn of each day

Thank you for posting! I think I was looking on CFAI page, and not the CFA program page :woman_facepalming:

So yea probably the difference now is that you don’t have to be in your final (fourth) year, you can apply if you are like in your third year and are soon to become a senior. Because apparently this what a rising senior means :woman_shrugging:

I think this explanation from the CFAI sums it up. Nothing seems to have changed but an elaboration on eligibility:

11 months or less into Graduation - one is eligible for level 1.I think CFAI wanted to market it better

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But the way CFAI posted it, definitely made it seem like it is something new!!!

Meh - let em go for it. Work requirement still stands.