CFA Job Description

Hi guys… I need some help with respect to getting my CFA Charter.

Can you please help me out with how to fill the relevant work experience? Also it suggests the max limit to be 2000 words. How much should we actually write in the write up??

And is the write up fine at 400 words for the references??

In my write up, i have mentioned how

  1. I carried out credit analysis on several entities in a rating agency by updating financial models and making projections before drafting a report giving my recommendation. These were discussed in the Rating committee.

  2. In the analyses we also carried out thorough ratio analysis. I also created a tool that helped to bring in time series and cross sectional ratio analysis in the financial opinion process.

  3. I also supervised my juniors and guided them with their work and reports. I tried to ensure we all followed the highest ethical standards in the team by following all rules, trade restrictions and completing mandatory trainings in time.

Is there any other aspect that I should focus on?
Also is length of 2000 words required?

Thanks all!! Please help with this.