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Have you used it? As a candidate, it costs minimum $47 to try it out for 3 months. I’m graduating with a MS Finance May 2009, so I’d like to have it for a year (and will probably need it that long with the industry the way it is), BUT I need some reassurance that it’s a good investment. $150 will buy a lotttt of ramen noodles!!! lol So, if you have used it, how does it compare with,,, etc, etc… Thanks!!

It’s somewhat useful. A lot of the ads on it just click you back to an equivalent eFinancialcareers posting, which I fund frustrating, since those are free. The agent search is good, where you can get things mailed to you that have your keywords and other criteria you specify. If you’re going to do that for a year, it comes out to a little less than 50c per day. Would you pay 50c per day to have any number of computerized agents send you a job listing? It’s up to you. Then again, efinancial also has those…

Does it have many jobs in europe, more specifically scandinavia? or mostly americano?