CFA JobLine

Does anyone have experience with the CFA Jobline? (That is the CFA job search database)

I was curious if there a sufficient amount of jobs posted to warrant the costs?

It’s just like efinancialcareers. Once you apply for membership it’s free anyway, I wouldn’t purchase it stand alone.


I wonder if there is an advantage to applying through the CFA site for positions?

I doubt it. I look through the postings pretty often, and a lot of the links take you straight to efinancialcarers. The only difference would be CFA Jobline as your referral source as opposed to efinancialcareers.

Those postings might be some recruiter throwing it up on the Jobline, but you do come across posting directly from smaller investment management firms from time to time.

Agree with the comment that it comes with membership is a nice benefit, but it’s not a service I would pay for on a stand alone basis.

Thanks! I haven’t enrolled as CFA member yet. Assuming I pass L3 I’ll enroll with CFA and check it.

Is anyone else on the job hunt?

I took the CFA to get a new job not to advance my position at a current company or because it was required of my current job. Anyone experience any success in the job market because of the CFA?