CFA June 20 - Level 1 - Kaplan Prep Question

Dear Forum.

I’m writing because I’ve a big question.

I’m paying the Schweser CFA Exam Prep (for Lvl 1), as you know the CFA Institute offers you digital curriculum (150$) into the registration price, but, i’m paying the Schweser Exam Prep “Premium Online” that includes a lot of books and notes. I want to know if those CFA digital curriculum (exam tools) are a mandatory tool or if I can save 150$ avoiding that cost (knowing that I have the schweser notes).

Thank you!

You can’t avoid the $150 fee for the eBook from the CFA Institute. *ka-ching*. The exams are also set based on the official curriculum, but it is filled with a lot of info hence there are also 3rd party prep providers (e.g. KS), which summarizes the textbooks.