CFA June 2011 Study Advice

Hi I am intending to set for CFA L1 in June 2011. I have not registered for the exam yet as I am still frustrated about getting started with the materials. I got schwezar books and I enrolled in a course, but still scared and feel that I take too much time in reading each study session. I feel I am falling behind somehow!!! as my classmates are one study session ahead of me :S I wish you can advice on the best way to cover all the materials before the exam and spare some time for doing mock exams and practice questions. Thank you

You have lots of time. What works best for me is to set a schedule for myself and stick to it. Plan it out and right it down. I set 2 hours every weekday and 4 hours every weekend day to study and I never missed. I tried a few times to do a full day on the weekend but personally found that after 4 hours I do not retain anything so there was no point. I would highly recommending doing something every day as opposed to spending 15 hours every weekend studying. In the final month and half I would do 1 mock exam, then study my weak parts for a week, then do another mock, and repeat, etc. Good luck!

I tried to read one study session a week (18), doing exercises and reviewing that section. Then I redid ethics again, and after that I had like 5 weeks to study mocks and go over my weak points just like bmer said. Hope that helps

Thank you guys :smiley: