CFA L1 Dec 08 - Study material?

Hi Group, Last night I registered for CFA Level 1 Dec 2008.The order is still in process. Can someone guide what study material shall I hook up to?I searched in forum but end up with so many reccomendation that I am more confused now. I have no Finance bacground other than that I am working for an Investment bank as a Programmer. please advise. Thanks, Rick

Hi Rick, Refer to my post above if you would like any study materials. I have a ton of them.

lehmetelya , Will study materials will be same for 2008 CFA L1?I mean its not govern by CFA curriculum?

Group, Is “Essential Solution” of Self-Study Packages from schweser is worth buying for CFA L1? Anyone who is planning to order same or have something else(better) in mind?? Cheers, Rick.

knock knock knock…anybody out there to answer my question? thanks in advance!

There are several threads discussing this on the first page.,653007,652475