CFA L1 Feb'21 Study Group

Hello All,

I’m looking for study group partners with a target of taking the L1 in Feb '21. Please PM if you’d like to team up. I’m based out of India but am willing to sync across time-zones as well.


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Hey I am also based out of India and planning to take L1 in Feb 2021

PMing you

Hey I am from Brazil. I am also a L1 candidate in Feb 2021. You guys are part of some study group? I’m interested in


Hi there - I’m not a part of any study group yet - in the very early stages of the prep - still figuring out the plan for the prep.

hey guys just enrolled myself for L1 in feb 21.
what the plan of action.
buying any 3rd party or just the CFAI notes

Hey, I’m registered for the CFA level 1 as well. I’m in the US. I would like to join the study group.

Giving my L1 in Feb 2021 and based out of India as well. Let me know if i can be a part of this too. Desperately in need of a study partner.



I would like to be a part of the study group.