Hey Guys, Need guidance or suggestions, i want to do CFA program but also want to get into MBA program…Wondering what would be the proper approach- TO START STUDYING FOR CFA L1 JUNE09 form now and then START gmat preparation or vice versa…Realisticly it will take me to prepare for 6 months for GMAT with my work Schedule, thass why i chose JUNE09 L1 instead of December. Any help or guidance would be appreciated just want to maximise my time and achicve results. Thanks.

You only need a month maximum to prepare for the GMAT.

agree with dwight. you can learn everything on the gmat in a month.

A prep course will fair you well. I took the GMAT Exam once without a prep course and I will be taking it Monday with the aid of a prep course. Tough exam questions are explained easily so when they arise on the actual exam one will be ready. Kaplan/PR/Veritas/Manhattan are all great exam providers. If you go with Manhattan, let me know as I have a code that will give you a discount. You literally could still be in round 2 b school applications if you begin preparing shortly. As far as CFA Level 1; Get the Schweser Premium package as the CD lectures go through each LOS in detail. I found it very useful and although I didn’t pass in June, I was very close. Taking the GMAT in December and Level 1 in June should be a very attainable task as long as you are not working more than 55 hours a week and you are diligent in studying solo.

Thanks Guys!! I actually do work around 60 to 70 hr a week…Plus on Gmat i wanna shoot for 700+ thass why i wanted ample time to prepare it… Keep it coming!!

i don’t think 1 month is enough if you want 700+ unless you are an absolute whiz kid, or, you don’t have a job

No i am not!!! I wish though…

MBA applications will probably (hopefully) be easier next year if the economy does a little skip (and clicks its heels). Study hard for the GMAT now, take it b/w Dec/Jan, then hit the CFA books hard from mid-late Jan - June 6th (or whatever the date is). Then you have a solid 3-4 months to do applications. And if you blow the GMAT this year, just study June/July and work on applications in Aug/Sept 09 for Round 1 deadlines.