CFA L1 Mock Exam Performance and Final Preparation


I’ll soon be taking the CFA Exam on Saturday. I’m worried as I have not been able to review 300 hours, and have only spent the past month in real study. I have tried to do the curriculum but have resorted to Schweser’s notes with brief looks at the curricilum when necessary.

My scores on the Practice Tests average 85.2%, and for the CFAI mock average 83.8%. No grade is below 70% except for Derivatives which are at around 58%.

What do you think I should do in the final days? Should I get more Schweser mocks? Or should I just memorize the formulae and review notes? Also, do I still stand a chance of passing the exam at my current standing? These mock exams seem to not be the difficulty that would be expected on exam day, right?

Lastly, are derivatives and alternative investments considered one topic or separate for MPS purposes (because mixing them would greatly improve my score).

Thanks for your feedback.

Practice test score 85.2% and worrying = troll

It’s just that the mocks seem so much easier compared to the end of chapter questions in the curriculum. They say 70% is good, but that may be for the exam, not the mock.

Most people say the real exams are easier than the mocks.

There is always an ounce of anxiety no matter how well you are prepared.

so u spent a month to study and get 80% in mocks?

i suppose you have a full time job as well?

all u have to do is walk in to the exam and pass

For me EOC questions are way easier than mocks, EOC always start with easy questions and only last 10-20 % are comparable with mocks

I took two weeks off to study, so overall I spent around 160 hours total I guess.

Thank you for the reassurance. I just really don’t think 240 questions will be able to gauge someone’s knowledge and application of a topic set as broad as the CFA curriculum. The pendulum can shift around a lot if the topics cluster.

Anyway, good luck to all of us!

That’s true, but that 10-20% is much, much more difficult in terms of computation steps than those in the CFAI mock.

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