CFA L1 Montreal Boys and Girls

Hey fellow Montrealers (and surrounding regions!), how’s the studying going? Feeling stressed? Confident? both?? If anyone needs advice, tips, or anyone wants to give advice, tips, then that’s the place to do so! Let’s share our ideas and help each other out… I’ll start by sharing my study plan: finishing tonight Schweser book 4, will be finishing book 5 on or before Nov 9th, and will start the practice marathon on Nov 10. I will not be re-reading all the material. INstead, I will be reviewing the parts corresponding to the questions that i have trouble with during practice.As for the final week, i will put extra hours daily in order to review the ethics part, I wanna be well prepared to nail this extremely important part coz it could easily mean the difference between failure and success on the exam. My practice material will be book 6,7 (schweser) and Schweserpro Qbank online version which I intend to buy soon… We’re gonna rock’n roll in 1 month!!!