CFA L1 Question about the questions on the exam!

Hello guys, a friend of mine ,giving the l1 exam on June, asked me about the questions of l1. He asked if a question could be a combination of different study sessions,

For example.If i have to calculate the growth rate on Corp Finance which is (1-D/EPS)xROE and the ROE is not given but i have the following information …Net Income = x and AVG Equity = y so ROE = x/y…But this ratio is given on FRA and not on Corp Finance. So is each section a thing of its own or there can be questions that you have to combine knowledge from many study sessions?

Thank you

The general answer is: no, questions are grouped by topic area and each question involves only one topic area.

The specific answer is: I don’t know. It’s possible in a corporate finance question you would have to compute ROE to get to the sustainable growth rate. They might not worry about that one. If I were your friend, neither would I.

Definitely possible they might pull in a relevant topic. There is a fair amount of overlap and difficult to make it completely stand alone.