CFA L1 vs. FRM L1


Just a quick question…

I would like to know how FRM L1 material is covered by CFA L1 material. I am thinking about both of them FRM May 2013 & CFA June 2013. Do you think that it is possible to realize ? We are 8-9 months before exams, I can learn for 3 to 4 hours every day which gives me about 950 hours. Also, I have already finished my Univeristy where I was studying finance, currently working for CITI - my financial background, knowleadge is ok.

Thanks in advance.

Focus on CFA. FRM is niche.

So you think that there is no sense to do FRM ?

Focus on CFA. It’s already a challenge if you are balancing it with work. If you have good experience and CFA, FRM becomes irrelevant.

Yeah, it is true, FRM is a niche, but in my country everyone is doing CFA: students, plumbers, cleaners etc. :slight_smile: I am looking for something more, something that helps me to be better. This is the reason why I am wondering if it is possible to kill 2 birds one stone, CFA + FRM or sth like that. Do you think that it has a sense ? Any advices, maybe I should decide for sth more/else ?


But why do it if hardly anyone cares? Unless you like the material and do it for personal knowledge.

Thanks mate !!!

Do you think that 400 hours will be enough ? Financial knowleadge ok, english is not my first language.


Please do FRM, only if you are interested in Quantitative finance especially Risk Management… If you are aiming for two birds in one go, you better do something relevant to your interest… May be you can learn some Excel skills in your free time apart from CFA if you planning to be an equity research analsyt, investment analyst… Also once you are clear CFA level 1, If you are interested in altenative investments you could give a shot at CAIA ( chartered Alternative Investment Analyst)… I am not saying you should not do CFA + FRM but you ony do it if you want your day to day job in Quant…


Maybe you are right that better way is to do CAIA … If you will have to compare those 3 which one is the worst? Probably there is no one clear answer…I think that CFA is the hardest one am I right ? what about CAIA it is same level as FRM ? or which one is easier ? Also, how much CAIA material is covered by CFA material? To be honest with you I am not keen on quantitative finance …

Forget CAIA. Top masters, CFA or both. The rest is irrelevant unless you do it for personal knowledge.

400 hours minimum. It’s better to overstudy than to regret it and waste an extra year.