CFA L2 2013 Study Group - Bangalore

Hi, I am looking for someone to study with / clarify questions / motivate for the Level 2 Exam in Bangalore.

Give me a shout out if you are studying for L2 in Bangalore!


im registered for level-2 but not in bangalore… email me if you are inerested in online coordination


Am planning to take up L2 in 2013. Motivtion is the key factor. Looking for a group so that we can form a schedule and then push each other to achieve the weekly / bi weekly schedule. I had cleared L1 in 2009. Didnt get the time to prepare since. As am settled in my current job now I’ll be able to set aside 2 hrs everyday on an average.

Let me know your plans and we can sync up.

Thanks Manu. Yes, I am working along side which is fairly demanding. Estimating that I can put in an hour a day Mon-Friday and around 6 hours on the weekend.

Looking to work through the Schweser notes, and the CFAI EOC questions.

Agree that motivation / discipline are key for passing CFA exams. Thanks

Do mail me and hopefully lets push each other to see that we clear L2 in June 2013.

My knowledge level currently -

Financial Reporting & Analysis, Corporate Finance, Economics - Fair (I have read these topics last year, when I stopped midway in my preparations)

Equity - Wouldn’t say fair nor bad. Need a recap.

Fixed Income, Derivatives, Quants, Ethics - Bad

I’m currently working in a Bank an do not use the CFA Literature.

Do mail me and we’ll see what best can we do together. Thanks.