CFA L2 Feb 2022 Results

Hey guys, a bit late on this, but I cleared my Feb 2022 L2 exams! Thought I’ll share some tips…

  1. Whether you have enrolled with a prep provider or are doing self study, it is really important to be clear with the concepts before you jump onto the practice questions and mocks. I had enrolled with a prep provider, primarily because I find studying FROM something like schweser or the curriculum by myself pretty dry. The video lectures were really good and helped me build clarity for even the toughest concepts
  2. There is nothing more similar to the questions on the actual exam, both in terms of difficulty of questions and the way the vignettes are presented, than the EOC Questions. If you really are serious about getting through your exam, you have to do them atleast once, if not twice. Because of my exams getting postponed again and again (due to COVID), I ended up doing them twice. If you have got extra time on your hands and are done with the EOC Questions, I would recommend you to practice them again, instead of looking for some other source of questions. Trust me, they’re worth it!!
  3. When it comes to the mocks, again the official CFA mocks are the best representation of what you can see on the actual exams. I would recommend you to do these right at the end of your prep journey. (within the last 7 days leading up to your exams) If you feel 2 mocks arent enough for you, you could pay for mocks from any other source, but please make sure you complete them before you take your official mocks.

Doing the EOC Questions and the official mocks are more than enough to get you through your exams. There is absolutely no need to go looking for more and more questions to solve and fry your brains.

The prep provider I enrolled with was really really good. You can DM me for their details or any other questions that you may have regarding preparations for L2.

Hope this helps! ALL THE BEST!!

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Congratulations, Khushal!

Thanks man!