CFA L2 June 2011 Study group (London)

Hello All, How is everyone getting on with their studies? I’m based in London and am studying towards Level 2. I was wondering if anyone was interested in forming a small study group so we could bounce ideas off each other, and help each other overcome any sticking points. A problem shared; a problem halved and all that! Thanks

Hi Ive just registered for L2 after passing in December. Where do everyone generally study? I dont like studying at home … Sky Plus distractions! I find it annoying that most places shut early and there is a lack of study areas in most libraries. Would be interested in group studies

I can recommend joining Susan Lakatos’ study group (at Schweser) I found she did teach very well, she held the same classes last year. It was definitely worth it except I didn’t study well enough on my own that very last month so I didn’t pass :frowning: PS the first lecture(s) from early January will be on the archives so it’s easy to catch up.

Hi - I work in the City, would definitely be interested in a study group for L2. Not sure how to message on here, email me on and we can get in touch thanks!

Probably would have helped if I put my email address up! I can never study at home aswell, I normally just study in a quiet room in the office or those in Canary Wharf there is the Idea store which isn’t to bad and open till 9pm i think.

I normally settle for Caffe Nero / Brera in Canary Wharf. Even after the cafes are shut, you can use their tables till 11pm. Idea store is good but they have an extreme shortage of tables. Am happy with the City / C Wharf or any other place in London really. Email is

Hi, I just moved to London, also writing L2 in June and would be interested in joining a study group. My email is

Hi, I 've also registered for L2 June 2011 session. Looking forward to be a part of the study group. Anyone using stalla system course? email:

I’m keen as well to join a Level 2 group. I’m using Schweser. I work in Mayfair but happy to travel.

ek82 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m keen as well to join a Level 2 group. I’m > using Schweser. I work in Mayfair but happy to > travel. > > Hi Noyneke. Will add you to the current ongoing mailing list.

An email group has been created to the people who joined this thread. Please let me know if anyone else is interested. A dropbox shared folder has also been created such that everyone can add notes to tricky topics, etc and share with others. Similar to how Wikipedia works. Let me know if you are interested in learning/contributing and I can add you to the shared contents. An examplar format is like below. I’ve put in some flashcards on ethics.

Hi, I am taking CFA Level 2 this june and would like to join the group. I am currently doing my Phd at Brunel University London. My e-mail is

I’d like to join.

Meeting Point Determined as Canary Wharf Sat/Sun (Some weeknights if appropriate) If anyone is interested in joining for sessions, please let me know on 07793562456 Regards Kevin

Hi all is the group still going on. may be a bit late in the day, but i would love to join. have next 2 weeks off work and plan to do a lot of studying. i think discussing in person def helps.