CFA L2 mocks scores vs. schweser scores

What are you guys getting in your mocks?

I am consistently scoring in 65%-73% range and really panicking now. Trying to boost my scores to atleast 75%

What is the avergae we should be getting to pass…Any ideas?


If you are getting those ranges on the CFAI mocks, you are doing just fine. Just keep on trucking, you’ll pass!

i think one need to score at least 80% consistently to pass the real exam, I did one mock got 79% and the other 23% so there is no way one can predict the actual results

Andy Holmes wouldn’t get 80+% on unseen practice tests. That’s just fear mongering at this point. 70%+ with minimal guessing consistently and you should be good.

This makes no sense unless it was a typo. My AM/PM scores for all three Schweser mock exams are within 2% of eachother.

@Kmelthratter: How do you feel about the level of difficulty of these 3 practice exams?

Hmmmm…I found the three exams from Schweser much more difficult then the CFAI one.

Anyone agree? The third practice from Schweser rocked my world…but the rest I did an average of low 60% on…hopefully I manage to bring this up in the next 25 days…

I scored 63.33/65% on Schweser Mock 3, some talking points.

  • I personally do not like how Schweser “samples” the curriculum, it is not helpful in gauging progress because it cherry picks one major topic for each of the books, for each test. ie FCFF for 1, DDM for 1, and Residual Income for the remaining one. Once you have review and repaired holes in your understanding, you will not be retested on the subject.

  • I felt the 3rd test was very difficult and had some really petty and ambiguous things written in to the test. The 3rd one I felt I was prepared for and felt good about until I corrected. The second one I was at a total loss on, but did better than I thought after correcting it, I scored 61.5/63.33%.

I thought CFA mock exams were harder than schweser, I think they throw tricks in there plus put in some small nuances in the questions that really test your knowledge. However, I think the CFA mocks are closer to the actual exam as far as difficulty.

70s in schweser , late 60s in CFAI

I have been scoring 68.3% in just about every mock exam (AM and PM) both Schweser and CFAI. Getting really frustrating! I thought the CFAI mocks are more to the point (the reading section anyways) while Schweser was more difficult to follow.

As far as what you need to be scoring, we can all agree that we don’t know what is passing for the exam. For what it’s worth, my guess is that it could be as low as 65% and as high as 70%. But for all of you who are scoring in the 60s (myself included) dont get discouraged by people telling you that your not safe until you reach the 80s. I was told that for level 1 and I passed no prob and I was scoring in the low 70s. I think consistently scoring in the 70s will get you through and if you are below that range… keep on trucking.