CFA L2 sectional cut-off

Hi all, pretty late to ask but does CFA L2 have any sectional cut-offs?? I guess my ethics section did not go particularly well, hence i am asking…

Thanks in advance!!

what are sectional cut offs?

cut-offs for each of the sections… does anyone have any idea about whether there are sectioal cut-offs in L2??

I still have no idea what you’re actually asking…

I think OP means, for example, you must get atleast 40% on every subject in order to pass.

So getting 70%+ on every subject except fixed income (30%) would be a fail. On the other hand, if you were to get 50% on fixed income, that would be a pass.

I don’t think this is the case. As long as the OVERALL score is above the MPS, that is enough.

The ethics adjustment is only if you are borderline. If you did well in ethics, that would be just enough to take you over the line.


Q “What are sectional cut offs?”

A “cut offs for each secion”

Q “Can you tell me what systematic risk is?”

A “It’s risk that’s considered systematic”

Q “What is a current rate?”

A “They’re simply rates that are current”

great, thanks a lot!! :slight_smile: