CFA L3 2010 Audio app on iPhone

Hey guys, I was just wondering, has anyone been using this app on your iPhones? I just wanted to mention it in case some people have never heard of this tool… I personally love the narrator… his voice is excellent… Some things to consider before buying: 1.these are not audio files straight from CFAI… the whole material is reworded (like Kaplan) so they don’t violate any copyright… 2.Topics with complex formulas are not covered… But overall, (since CFA 3 is for the most part conceptual) it’s a great mean to add to your studying routine… I usually listen to these audio files while driving to and from work, while working out, and I go to bed with it… oh… and the price was 199 when I bought it… i think it’s now 275 or smth… I am not sure… Alright everyone - good night!