CFA L3 Candidate with 5 years of Accounting experience - Career Guidance


I am a CFA Level 3 candidate from India (L1 and L2 cleared in first attempt) with around 5 years or experience in Accounting in a Financial Software Product company. I wish to move into Investment Banking and am open to working in Front or Middle or Back office. If IB does not work out, I am also fine with taking on a Techno-Functional role (like that of a Business Analyst in a software co.). My prime focus is on getting an Analytical job without being too choosy considering the current economic (as well as job market) conditions

Would greatly appreciate any guidance from AF members on the following:

  1. Would my current experience be considered for IB jobs?

  2. If the answer to first question is ‘Yes’, what sort of positions shoudl I try for?

  3. if the answer to first question is ‘No’, then woudl it be advisable to look for techno-functional jobs or continue with accounting (Accounting is someting that I woutd do just to avoid being job less)

Most here are not familiar with the Indian market, so you won’t learn much. That said it sounds like a difficult switch to make without an MBA. Not many IB spots in India. Maybe corp finance could be a good fit?

What kind of accounting?

If you’re fine with BO, sure you will find something easily. If you’re looking for something sexier, try ER with a focus on tech/software companies, you might be able to sell your experience to those shops.

PS: I’m curious to why you’d want a BO job at an IB? Accounting ----> Internal Audit ----> Controller in industry sounds far more interesting…

Actually I do have an MBA as well but did not mention it here as I did it from a local university in India and that might not have international recognition. Your are right about not too many IB opprotunities being available in India :frowning:

Financial Accounting in a Software Company.

Please correct me if I am wrong. But I am assuming that you mean a Product conrtoller job. If that is so, then it would qualify as a MO job… I would be fine with that. The only reason why I specified BO as well is because I believe that it woudl be the easiest way to get a foothold in the industry.