CFA L3 command word - "Determine"

I thought “Determine” meant you would have to either calculate or logically derive an answer; and if it’s the latter you have to state the logic. I took the recently released CFAI mock and I noticed conflicting use of “Determine”. In question 1A, “Determine” was used the same way as “Identify” i.e. just the correct answer with no explanation given; but in question 4D, it was used the same was as “Describe”.

Which one is correct?

Determine can be synonymous with:

  • Calculate
  • Evaluate
  • Identify
  • Recommend
  • Select

It’s not synonymous with Describe because the latter incorporates Explain, which Determine does not.

Okay, I think it was “Recommend” rather than “Describe.” Does Recommend imply that a reason be given for the recommendation? They did on the CFAI answer sheet.


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