CFA L3 credits?

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if passing Level 3 would allow us to skip various modules if for instance we are pursuing MBA in Finance etc.? I have heard schools like London Business School accepts/counts CFA exams taken as credits…and you can skip the classes for areas that the CFAI curriculum has covered. Can somebody confirm on this? Which other B-schools do this as well? Thanks

Boston University also grants 12 credits. Click on the link below and read the last page.

uhh didnt anyone tell you? once you get the CFA you can get any job making millions

@SkipE99: Yeah, I heard of that one. Its just in case I have nothing better to do when I get the millions :slight_smile:

CFA credits are given only to charterholders or even if we pass L3(Not fulfilling minimum work ex requirement)?

There are some exemptions for some exams for those who does actuary for those who has cleared L1 & L2. So I was wondering what exemptions L3 can offer. Good luck to L3 people this Tuesday!