CFA L3 Schweser 2020 Errata

Hey folks, anyone have a PDF of this year’s L3 Schweser curriculum? I bought the books used and don’t have a log in so hoping someone here can help a brother out. Many thanks.

Seems ethically questionable…

From India …?

You bought the 2020 books used already? If so, whoever you bought them from should be receiving a new book soon. Apparently Book 2 for L3 had so many mistakes in it this year they are sending us an updated book…interesting how this could happen.

“We are writing to inform you that due to a large number of content errors in Book 2 of our Level III SchweserNotes™, we are shipping a revised version of the book to you at no cost.”

economical actually

From someone on kijiji

The person is unreachable. Do you think we could work on you sending me the errata or an e-copy of the book. Many thanks.