CFA L3 Vids

Going to be studying with Schweser again this year. I know the concensus is that CFAI curriculum is what you need to do you primary reading out of, but Schweser should be good enough support material. Looking at buying the Premium package (the first package with videos etc…). Might upgrade to the Premium Plus. It’s an extra $270 CAD and the only difference is the final review and the Secret Sauce. I will wind up buying the secret sauce either way (I think it’s like $70 or something). I will also be attending WindsorWeek.

My question: What is the final review like and is it worth the $200? Would you recommend it if i am attending a live prep seminar 1 month out?

You get Secret Sauce with Windsor Week anyway as well as the slides/mindmaps (similar to final review). So dont do it.

At least that is how it was for Level 2

Yeah, did WW this year and that’s kind of what I was thinking is that the final review in the study package would effectively be delivered through WW. Wasn’t 100% sure though.