CFA Letters on Business Card

Getting some cards made up after finally fulfilling the work experience requirement and wondering which one looks better:

Hazyskunk, CFA, CAIA, FRM

Hazyskunk, CFA, FRM, CAIA

or any other variety. truthfully not sure how much FRM and CAIA really help but figure I should throw them on there- possible good conversation starter.

Thanks for the input in advance, and good luck to those waiting on results.

Of the two, I’d go with CFA, FRM, CAIA. But I’ve always been of the mindset FRM is better than CAIA, whether thats true or not. So I guess a better question would be which of the two of CAIA and FRM did you find more of a challenge?

I have the CFA and CAIA and only put the CFA on my card. It just starts to look crowded with more letters; I’m a believer in white space. For my e-mail signature, resume, and LinkedIn, I use all my applicable letters.

I don’t know if Hazyskunk will look good on a business card…

Yeah I’d agree with this guy. I personally think that your first impression, whether it be your biz card or your linked in title, should only have your most prestegious credential and keep it to one. Keep all the extra ones in the email sig and on your actual linked in profile (not the title!).

People who put 3 and 4 credentials after their name just annoy me. Same with education other than an doctorate. I am connected to this guy I know from school who has his linked in title as “Uber Tool, M.B.A” so that’s what shows up when you search for him. Seriously?

^ I agree. putting MBA behind a name is ultra pathethic.

I also say stick with just CFA

MBA is not really considered a professional designatory degree, should should stay at the bottom of your CV with your Bsc, BA, Llb or what other Bachelors, Masters, Diplomas and Certificates you got.

Most people I’ve seen using CFA, FRM, CAIA on their business cards do it in tha order and honestly I don’t have a problem with it. But I’d not put on more than those. I know people with more but it realy does become ridiculous equally tool like



Uber Tool Analytics

On second thought, I agree with what the consensus here. As far a business card goes, they only need to know you have your CFA. CFA’s can do FRM and CAIA work, but not vice versa. Keep it simple, all the card is is your contact info after all, they can find out about the other designations by talking to you.

CPA, J.D.,

Finra Series 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,…100

The “comma, MBA” really rubs me the wrong way when I see it (and I have my MBA). It is the height of cheeseballness. What is worse? My old employer had a publicly available list of all investment professionals (public pension fund) and, aside from CFA, CAIA, and CPA, you had MBA, MA, and even BA!

very interesting insight guys.

I would never put MBA and or anything else on my card to be honest. Thinking I may include the other designations because I have seen them elsewhere and it is an extra conversation starter in a networking crowd- not sure what else to talk to a 45 year old about besides his kids. I think if my card was less buys I would conider just CFA, but there’s alot going on anyways.

Cheers guys,


I’d have to disagree strongly with this. Putting “MBA” anywhere on your card or signature line is a sure fire signal of “Wow, this guy is trying way to hard to impress”.

For that reason, I’d stick with CFA and that’s it. Agreed with others, you don’t want it to become cluttered and I think there are diminishing returns the more you put on, and perhaps higher risk of looking like you’re trying to hard/insecure.