CFA level 1 4 times per year

I’ve heard that Cfa institute is planning to conduct the level 1 exam 4 times per year. Is it a cash grab initiative???

if so, they need to lower pass rates for level 2 and level 3 before there’s a million charterholders, assuming people who fail feel more inclined to retake the exam now that’s its offered more often

“However, it’s important to note that any candidate who wants to retake the exam must skip a window, thereby waiting 6 months to sit for the exam again. Candidates will not be able to sit for Level I and Level II in the same calendar year.”

cash grab it is lol

Calm your *******.

Even if you were to pass level 1 in the feb window, you can’t take level 2 in jun. you HAVE to wait 6 months before registering for level 2.

What about those douch*acks claiming to pass level 2 with “literally prepared only 2 weeks and passed”?

For now… the trend is clear.

eons ago, when they first made L1 logistically easier (changed to all multiple choice and multiple sittings per year), CFAI (or AIMR as it was then) told us that L1 was used as a qualification in and of itself in some countries, so there would be loads of candidates sitting L1 with no intention of continuing to subsequent levels. At least at the time, that appears to have been untrue, or at least no one back then could find any evidence of any jurisdictions where L1 got you exempted from local securities qualifications.

I also recall reading an article where one of the grand poobahs of CFAI said he dreamed of a future where bank tellers were CFA charterholders, and our reaction was, wait, what? we’re spending all these hours studying to be bank tellers???

The likely outcome of 4 sittings a year for L1 is that more people make it through to the L2 exam, and sooner or later there will be too many L2 candidates for 1 sitting and they’ll offer L2 twice a year.

Yes It will be computer based taken 4 time a year but a person will be only allowed take the exam only 2 times per year.

If it’s computer-based starting 2021, does it mean that the results are immediately out after taking the exam?

Probably not. They need to identify MPS after the exam unless people in the committee are replaced with computers too.

I think to apply and you have already submitted?