CFA Level 1 and Graduation

So I am in my last year of studies and will be done classes in April 2012. However, I am currently in the coop program at my school and will need to do an 8 month coop before graduating. This means I will be technically graduated in January 2013. I am registered to take level 1 this December and I am wondering if my coop will cause problems since I will only be graduated in 2013…and if I should drop my coop program. Btw, I have completed 4 years of postsecondary education already

what kind of problem are you referring to? you already have a degree…what difference does it make if you graduate in 2012 versus 2013 in terms of doing level I of CFA? I don’t see any problem at all! Just study on the side of your job placement, and it’ll be a great fit.

I do not already have an undergraduate degree but I have completed 4 years of postsecondary education - switched majors

ohhh, I thought you added that last sentence because it was relevant

You can do l1 before graduating. Just do that. Also, don’t skip the coop, work exp > Cfa exam

Thanks BlackSwan