CFA Level 1 Bands

This is pointless, I know (I needed a 10 minute break from studying); but for those of you who’ve taken Level 1, do the following bands below seem close to what you think they actuall are?

Passing: 70% to 100%

Band 10: 67% to 69%

Band 9: 63% to 66%

Band 8: 58% to 62%

Band 7: 52% to 57%

Band 6: 45 % to 51%

Band 5: 37% to 44%

Band 4: 1% to 36%

Bands 1-3: No Shows

I took L1 in June and failed Band 8. I scored a 60% on the CFAI mock 2 weeks before the June exam, so I’m thinking I may have gotten a few % higher at best.

Good luck everyone!

I’m a L1 candidate too, but based on what I’ve heard, it seems like Band 10 would still be passing with the scores you have. No one knows for sure, but a 67 probably gets the job done on most exams. I think your Band 9 would be the real Band 10 if I had to use my completely unfounded opinion.

I would not use this as a benchmark at all. The only thing I say is that a 70%+ is an almost certain pass. Any other speculation is pointless