CFA Level 1 Dec 2013 - online study group


We are starting a Skype study group to prepare for the CFA Level 1 Exam in Dec. If you are interested in joining, please leave a message here along with your email address.

Our goal is to meet weekly online to go through each of the 18 study sessions in the coming 4-5 months, and we are starting our first session next week! The materials we use are from Schweser.

We look forward to having new members!

goga_mfs skype id

Hello KS,

l would like to join your study group. My Skype I’d is zulkar9chy. I am from Toronto Canada.

Thank you.


I am interested in joining the study group and my email is Do you plan to tackle the study sessions in chronological order? It would be nice if we could do them in the same order as the Schweser classes which skpis around quite a bit…

add me on skype: csavorelli

skype id isolate7690. what day and time?

hey everyone,

I have not set up a skype acct yet, but I will very soon. Can someone send me an e-mail at I would love to see how things are going & where I can jump in at!

Hi guys,

please include me in the group.


please include me in the group, send to me email on to tell me the day of starting and sent to me the skype to add you

Hi All, please email me the details at, would love to participate in the group. Thanks!

I would like to join, I’m

Hi everyone, Pease email me the details at, I would love to participate in the group. Thanks a million:)

Hello everyone

I would like to join your group very much. My email is


I would like to join. Email id skyoe id - alfiemanuel89

Hey, if you’re still open to new members, I would like to join in too. PLease contact me at or let me know the logistics. Many thanks!

Is this group active? If not lets get the Dec 2014 group going, looks like we have a few people interested already.