CFA Level 1, Dec. 2016 - Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia

Good evening,

Is anyone in the DMV area interested in forming a study group? I plan to take the December 2016 exam, and will be preparing with Kaplan Schweser; this will including the July - October weekly classes.


Same boat – I live in Maryland.

Also to provide some more info–I am currently a Treasury analyst at Sodexo and have a degree in financial economics.

I’ve looked over about 3/18 of the segments so far. I am free typically after 5 on the weekdays and most of the weekend.



Hi Dan,

Good to hear from you. I’m generally free after 5pm and weekends also. Let me know if you’re interested in meeting up sometime this week (Wednesday - Friday works best for me this week), and we can continue the discussion in a private thread.

A little info on me. I’m in Maryland, have an engineering management degree, and i’m in project managent for real estate developemt and construction, and i’m looking to transition into Corp. FInance–FP&A or Treasury.

I’ve covered 1/18 of the segments…but i really spent time on the Ethics & Conduct.


Hi all,

I live in Northern virginia but work in Washington DC. Please let me know if anyone would want to form a study group. I am available over the weekends and also weekday evenings.



HI Eudia,

I’m interested and I know Dan is interested too. I live in Silver Spring, MD. Similar to the message I sent earlier let me know if you’d like to get together friday night or sometime saturday just for a quick intro (or we can do it over the phone).



I live in DC. I am interested too. I am free after 6p.m on weekdays.


HI SriHanuman & Eudia,

Send me a direct message with your email and I can add you to an email chain to coordinate meeting times and location.

Thank you.


Hi All,

I work and live in Columbia, MD - I’m willing to meet up after 5:30 on weekdays, and most weekends.

Some background - I work in paraplanning/operations at Pinnacle Advisory Group, an RIA wealth management firm, with a desire to be in portfolio management. I actually took the June 2016 exam, but preparing ahead of time just in case I need to take the December exam. I graduated in Financial Economics. ​Feel free to let me know how to get in touch.

Thanks, ​Michelle

Hi Michelle,

You’re in the right place. I’ll send you a private message with information regarding the study group.


PS. We hope you don’t have to join the group because you performed well in June.