Hi i am appearing for december 2017 cfa level 1 exam …can anybody suggest me with which subject i should start my prepration and what should be the strategy…how many revisions are required before the exam…as am getting worried not much time is left…

Please suggest …thanks in advance…

The time is certainly running short here. Study as quickly as you can and spend more hours per day. It looks like you are studying with Schweser. Follow their study guide and there is no need to choose which subject to go first as all subjects will be tested anyway. If you have difficulty choosing which to go first, you can start off with Ethics. Do more mock exams starting 1 month or earlier before the Dec exam. Read other posts in the forum if you have time, I find those are really helpful too. Good luck.

Thanks for us reply

You have plenty of time. Get through the readings (whether directly from CFAI or Kaplan) and start grinding out the EOCs for each. When November 1st rolls around, be prepared to put all books down and start doing mock exams. Review the areas you did poorly, go back into the material to brush up, and take another. Rinse and repeat. Best of luck!

Mock exams are critical. Do as many questions as you can get your hands on and focus on the key areas.

At what point do you just move on to the next reading if something isn’t sticking? I got really really stuck on cash flow statements, and combined with a couple of unexpectedly busy days at work, took 5 days to get through it, and even then I still don’t feel at all confident. I got up around 50% score on the qbank quiz and decided to just cut my losses and move on. I don’t want to blindly read through without understanding anything, but I don’t want to get stuck like this again.

Consider getting a prep provider like Wiley or Kaplan if you’re actually going to read through the L1 materials. Their materials are more condensed, to the point, and written in a way that I think makes the material easier to learn as compared to CFAI’s.

Thanks for reply.

Hi I have Wiley CFA curriculum vol (1-6) 2017( which contains 3000 plus pages) is it advisable to read from that and do End of Chapters questions along with the CFAI curriculum EOC chapter and Shweser Material.

Please Recoomend.



I tried going through the Wiley Books, but it consumed a lot of time. So instead i used Schweser Material and solved as many mcqs and mock test papers as i could . Schweser practice volumes, EOC questions and topic wise questions provided by CFA institute 1 month before exams are enough. You can still solve additional questions by referring Question banks from approved prep providers.

If you can go through these with sufficient revision you’ll feel confident on your exam day.

I have just now started with the preparation…lets hope I finish on time

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Start with Ethics and as you have not much time left I would advise you to practice daily and practice a lot especially in the last month. I would advise you to try out a platform called PrepSmarter, It’s an Adaptive practice engine which will help you a lot in your preparation.