CFA Level 1 December 2020 or Pushing Back to 2021

Dear Concerns,

I am currently a Level 1 Candidate. Initially I have been registered to June 2020 session and that session got postponed. Then I had registered for December 2020 session. Till now I have completed Ethics & QM full, half of the FRA . That’s all I have covered till now. Other 7 areas are untouched. I am a full time student. Considering my current situation, what is your advice? Should I stick to the December 2020? or I should be started thinking of some other dates for writing my exam. I am looking forward to your answer.

Sonaila Hayat Khan

If you follow the 300 hours rule you should have 210 hours of study left. (Ball park figure) in about 2 -3 months (depending on the time you want to devote to revision).
You will need between 20 -30 hours of weekly study.
It’s doable but pretty rough.
Maybe postponing should be considered .

Best of luck.

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It all depends on how you can manage time, what is your education background and what is you level of commitment. They say that avg of 300 study-hrs is needed by the CFA level 1 candidates. But please note that the avg cfa level1 takers fail. The Pass percentage is approx. 41%. Moreover, if you are from Accounts/finance background, then some of the topics we have already studied. But if you are studying from the scratch & in detail, then it might take upto 500hrs.
I read a lot of candidates response regarding preparation, each one has their own strategy and own study hours. But one thing is common & that is the syllabus is vast & it tests your mettle. Since, you already completed couple of readings, (though more than 50% is left out) you ask yourself that if you can you do it in December. If you can, then how you have to modify your study schedule.
Please note: only reading the LOSs does not help. You have to go through the EOCs, Blue box questions, & approx. 1 month for mocks & revisions periodically. Only reading creates a false sense of security that you know the material.
Ask yourself & take decision. Good Luck.

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Hello Sonaila,

I strongly suggest, you stick to December date and make your mind clear for it.
Also, as you are a full time student, I am quite certain that you can make it.
Practice, a lot of MCQs on daily basis by starting a mock test in the beginning.

I am looking for a study buddy with who I can discuss the questions, which will help me to expedite my learning and being more regular.


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Thank You so much Qasim. It means a lot. I am thinking the same. All I was in need of a potential logic behind my intuition. I am a full time student and I must do it.